Dr. Eduard Rabat


Dr. Eduard Rabat

Dr. Eduard Rabat is currently the head of the “Quirón Barcelona Foot and Ankle Unit”.

Although Dr. Rabat began to concentrate on foot and ankle surgery in the 70’s, when he studied under Dr. Antonio Viladot, he combined it with the practice of general orthopedic surgery.

In 2002, he founded the “Foot and Ankle Unit” at the Hospital General de Catalunya. Since then, he has exclusively dedicated his professional practice to this super speciality.

Also in 2002, after meeting Dr. Mariano de Prado, Dr. Rabat began to practice forefoot percutaneous surgery.

Today, in the Quirón Unit, patients with all kinds of foot and ankle conditions are surgically treated with percutaneous surgery, open surgery and also with arthroscopic procedures – on the forefoot, hind foot and ankle.

Dr. Rabat has been a member of the Spanish Foot and Ankle Society board (SECMPT) , and is currently a member of the EFAS scientific committee, the French GRECMIP society and many other scientific societies.

Furthermore, he has been invited as faculty and as a speaker to numerous courses and congresses and he has published many articles and book chapters on this speciality.

For more information, please see: http://doctor-rabat.net/es/

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